Professional Kitchen Island Installation in Honolulu, HI

Using tile in your floor plan has significant immediate and lasting benefits: it is easy to clean and maintain, does not hold odors, and it has tremendous resale value if done properly. Tile Accents LLC are the tile installation, restoration, and full-service floor care specialists. We also offer kitchen island installation in Honolulu, HI, serving both commercial and residential clients.

My team and I are detailed and precise in our approach, taking the time to help you select the materials, answer your questions, and do the job right the first time. I may not be the cheapest tile contractor in the capital, but the return on investment will undoubtedly justify every penny spent.

Some of Our Commercial Clients Include:
• The Contemporary Museum
• Polo Ralph Loren
• Michael Kors
• Hollister
• Balenciaga
• Kate Spade
• Jimmy Choo
• Bobby Jones
• 1000 Bishop Street Courtyard
• Yacht Harbor Towers Common areas
• Papa John's®
• Holiday Inn® Waikiki
• Hula Grill & Dukes Canoe Club Oahu & Kauai
• Sheraton® Waikiki
• Outrigger® Ohana Hotels
• R&C Tours
• Beauty Salons
• Morgan Berit Kahala Mall
• Hawaiian Heritage
• Apple Store Waikiki
• Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center Common Areas (Preferred Vendor)
• And Many More Commercial Stores And Restaurants.