Stunning Ceramic Tile Design in Honolulu, HI

Take any space to the next level with attractive, high-quality tile! Here at Tile Accents LLC, I’ve earned a reputation for enhancing residential and commercial spaces with the finest tile products and services, including installation, restoration, and ceramic tile design in Honolulu, HI.

My team is known for our attention to detail and our commitment to perfection. It’s important to me and all my workers to ensure that every job is done right the first time. Although I’m not the cheapest tile professional in the city, I offer a return on investment like no one else can. The high-quality work and designs that I produce justify every penny.

The Benefits of Tile

Installing a tile floor has both immediate and long-lasting benefits. Immediately, you’ll appreciate the beautiful character it adds to your space, and in the long run, you’ll love how easy tile is to clean and maintain. Additionally, tile doesn’t hold onto any odors and offers tremendous resale value when properly installed.

Our Clients

My client list consists of an impressive selection of residential homeowners, commercial stores, restaurants, and other establishments, including:

• 1000 Bishop Street Courtyard
• Apple Store Waikiki
• Balenciaga
• Beauty Salons
• Bobby Jones
• Hawaiian Heritage
• Holiday Inn® Waikiki
• Hollister
• Hula Grill & Dukes Canoe Club Oahu & Kauai
• Jimmy Choo
• Kate Spade
• Michael Kors
• Morgan Berit Kahala Mall
• Outrigger® Ohana Hotels
• Papa John's®
• Polo Ralph Loren
• R&C Tours
• Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center Common Areas (Preferred Vendor)
• Sheraton® Waikiki
• The Contemporary Museum
• Yacht Harbor Towers Common areas 
• And Many More

Contact Us Today

I invite you to reach out to me today to get the design process rolling. I can’t wait to enhance your favorite living space with a gorgeous tile application. And as a remodeling contractor, I also offer services to complement your tile, including kitchen island design, backsplash installation, and floor care services.

Call now to get the conversation started, and don’t forget to check out my gallery for design inspiration.